Is there any hidden cost when I make a purchase on this website?

No, We will never hide any cost from you. All charges are shown on the website.


What will you do to make sure I'm satisfied with my purchase?

We take pride in the quality of our products and stand behind each one. To ensure your satisfaction, all shipments are carefully inspected before leaving our store. If you are not satisfied with your purchase upon arrival, please notify us immediately and we will attempt to correct the situation.


How do I find groceries suitable for special diets?

We've added some handy Dietary & Lifestyle filters to our products, making it even easier to shop for organic, vegetarian groceries. Selected filters will only remain active for your visit, so if you leave, remember to tick them again when you come back. The majority of our products also have 'back of pack' information, which will provide you with a little more detail about a particular product. To find this information you just have to click on the product image go through to the product page.


How do I change my password?

To change your password, you'll need to log in to your account on the website and update your personal account settings. - Select 'My Account' - Select 'Account information' - click on the check box "change Password". - type in the current password. - Type in a new password in 'New Password' box. - Type in the new password again in 'Confirm Password' box. - Click on 'save'


How do I update my personal details?

To change your password, you'll need to log in to your account on the website and update your personal account settings. - Select 'My Account' - Select 'Account information' - Do the changes you need to update. - Click on 'save'


How do I change my delivery and shipping address?

To update your address, you'll need to log in to your account on the website and update your personal account settings. - Select 'My Account'. - Select 'Address book' and click on "change " on the address you wish to change.


I'd like to add another delivery address.

To update your address, you'll need to log in to your account on the website and update your personal account settings. - Select 'My Account'. - Select 'Address book' and click on "Add new address".


Is it necessary for me to sign up before I buy anything?

Yes. You are required to register in order for us to capture your delivery address and contact details that we will need for your order delivery process.


Do you deliver to my area?

Our delivery routes cover almost the entire residential and commercial areas of Kuwait.


What is the minimum order value that you deliver?

Currently the minimum order values that we deliver is 10 KD.


Who can sign for a delivery?

Anyone in the household over the age of 18 and who can pay the order value may sign for deliveries.


What if my delivery is late?

Delays sometimes happen due to circumstances beyond our control, so we'll call and inform you of any delay as soon as we can.


What if I have missing items?

If you have an item missing from your delivery, please call our Customer Service on 1844449.


I have unwanted or damaged items

Your driver will tell you what's been substituted. If you don't want to keep any (or all) of the substitutions, you can return them to the driver . If an item is damaged, please use the notes section of our queries form and tell us as much as possible about the products you've received.


How do you deliver?

Our experienced drivers use vans designed to keep your groceries at the correct temperature for their whole journey. The driver brings the shopping to your door, where you'll be given a delivery note to sign. If you ask, the driver will also take the shopping into your kitchen


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver products internationally at this point in time.


Can I change delivery address or time after submitting my order?

Please be advised that your shipping address cannot be revised after the order has been placed successfully. If you want to change your shipping address, please directly contact customer service at 1844449 inform them of your new address before your order is shipped out.


What are the items that can be delivered?

All items that are on our website can be delivered.


What about my Order Amendment or cancellation?

In case of Order Amendment or cancellation you need to contact the customer service 1844449.




Is there any item not eligible for return/replacement?

There are certain products which are ineligible for return due to the health and safety aspects that would render them unusable. Items such as baby products, disposable goods, sanitary products and feminine hygiene care are amongst those listed. Please contact our Customer Service 1844449 for more details.


How do I return a product I'm not happy with?

When your delivery arrives, the driver will go through your order with you. If there's anything you're not happy with, simply hand it back to your driver and your bill will be recalculated instantly. If you'd like to return something after your driver has left, call our Customer Service 1844449, they'll be happy to help.




How do I check out?

When you've finished your shop, select the 'Check out' button in the basket area. Make sure your delivery address details are correct, and select the delivery time you prefer. At checkout you can review all the products you've bought by clicking 'View Order' button. At this point, you can amend any of the details in your basket, such as quantities. Then, check through the rest of your delivery details, and select 'proceed to payment' button. Lastly, fill in your payment details, and select 'confirm your order' button.


Will my order total always match the total I am quoted upon checkout?

For produce, deli, seafood and meat items that are priced by the Kilograms, your shopper will select the items that most closely match the weight you wish to purchase. You will be billed only for the actual amount of product selected. Consequently, the total KD amount of your order may vary slightly. Adding to that any item price changes, due to difference in price between the order date and shipping date, regarding to market price variance.


How can I pay for my order?

You can pay at your door step with one or many of the below ways: - Cash - Knet - Credit cards - TSC reward card vouchers


Are the prices on the website the same as in-store prices?

The groceries you order from us will be picked, by hand to be delivered. The price you pay for groceries ordered online is the one charged in that store, on the day your order is picked and delivered.


How is my order confirmed?

Once you've checked out, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail, detailing all the products, quantities and guide prices in your order.


How do I get a receipt?

When your shipment is delivered, you'll be given a detailed delivery note by the delivery driver.




What if the product I order is not available?

In the checkout process we will ask you if you would like to allow for substitutions. Our goal is to never be out of stock on any item. However, if an item is out of stock we will make every effort to contact you and substitute with an item as close to the size and price of the item ordered. Please be sure to include your contact numbers so we can reach you.


How do I know my produce, dairy, meat and deli items will be fresh?

Not all perishable produce is the same. How it is handled makes a big difference in how it tastes and how long it lasts. At TSC, we start by buying only premium quality perishable products. Then we ship it the fastest way possible and monitor the temperature through each step of the process. This means you will always have the highest quality and freshest products.


How can I re-order products I previously ordered?

Simple! Login with your email and passwords then click proceed to your account page. You will see a list of all your orders - click re-order. If you wish to edit the order, click edit then save.


How do I find products that are on special offer or promotion?

We have lots of products on offer each and every week. You'll find these throughout our website, identified with a strike through price and placed together under the 'Offers Zone' Banner on the home page.


What are substitute products?

In the event that the item(s) ordered are not available, a customer care representative will contact you to offer you a suitable alternative in its place. The delivery driver will always tell you about any substitutes when your delivery arrives in case the call did not happen. If you're not happy with our suggested replacement, it's easy enough to return it. Simply hand it back to your driver, and your bill will be recalculated instantly.


Bulk Sales Policy

Items are subject to be limited by order based on TSC decision. Multiple orders placed with the same account might be cancelled if it contains the same items, as it will constitute a violation towards our Bulk Sales Policy.

What is KANEE? And how does it work?

KANZEE is Sultan’s all new loyalty program, replacing the existing one. It is coins-based program designed to give our customers a unique experience by offering personalized offers, multiple rewarding schemes, and an exciting variety of external partners to choose from!

Who is eligible to join?

Everyone who is above 18 years old is eligible to join KANZEE.

How do I join KANZEE?

You can join KANZEE simply by enrolling through our mobile application, or at the cashier.

How can I start collecting coins?

You start collecting coins immediately once you provide the cashier your mobile number.

When do my coins expire?

Coins expire after 4 months from purchase date.

How can I change my personal details?

You can easily change/update your personal information by accessing your profile on the mobile application or website.

What are the membership benefits?

KANZEE will enhance your shopping experience by personalizing unique offers made just for you, multiple rewarding schemes, and an exciting variety of external partners to choose from!

How can I redeem my rewards?

Rewards are redeemable through the mobile application at check-out. You can pay using your points by having your mobile app or physical card scanned by the cashier.

How do I opt out?

We’d hate to see you go, but if you decide to leave us, opting out can easily be done by contacting our hotline.

Is my personal information secure?

At TSC, we respect our customers’ privacy and only collect necessary information. The information is safe and secure.

When I make a purchase and pay with coins, do I still earn coins?

Yes. This program is designed to give the maximum benefits to our beloved customers!

How do I redeem coins with external partners?

Rewards with external partners can be redeemed at check-out.

When I earn coins, can I redeem them immediately? How long does it take for my purchases to accrue coins to my account?

Coins are added immediately on your account.

How do I check how many coins I have?

Coin balance is accessible on the mobile application, our hotline or by asking the cashier

What do I do if I believe there is a mistake in my balance?

We welcome all your calls and inquires on our hotline

Can I donate coins to charity?

Yes. You can donate coins/cash-back vouchers to charity easily through the mobile application or website.

Can I transfer the Coins?

Points can easily be transferred from account to account via the mobile app.

How many cards am I allowed to have?

Each customer is only allowed to have 1 card.

What if I lost my card?

You can request having a new physical card issued via contacting the hotline. However, all your account details remain accessible and can be used via the mobile application