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Provamel Organic Soya Chocolate Milk

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Provamel Organic Soya Chocolate Milk 250ML
More Information
Ingredients Water | Organic Raw Cane Sugar | Hulled Organic Soya Beans 7.2% | Organic Corn Maltodextrin | Organic Chocolate.1% Cocoa | Cocoa Butter | Sugar | Organic Reduced-Fat Cacoa 1% | Sea Salt | Organic Vanilla Extract | Stabiliser | Carrageenan |
Storage & Disposal Keep refregerated |
Nutritional Facts Amount Per 100 ml;84 Cal | Total Fat;2.5g | Cholestrol;0mg | Sodium;0.06g | Carbohydrates;11.1g | Fiber;1.1 | Protein;0g |
Usage & Instructions Have on its own or with cereal|
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