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Simply Organic Italian Seasoning

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no_img Organic
Simply Organic Italian Seasoning 0.95OZ
More Information
Life Style Organic
Ingredients Organic Oregano | Organic Majoram | Organic Thyme | Organic Basil | Organic Rosemary | Organic Sage.
Storage & Disposal Store in a cool, dry place |
Nutritional Facts Per Serving: | Calories from Fat;0g | Total Fat;0g | Saturated Fat;0g | Trans Fat;0g | Cholesterol;0mg | Sodium;0mg | Total Carbohydrate;0mg | Dietary Fiber;0g | Sugars;0g | Protein;0g
Usage & Instructions Sprinkle on cooked pasta for a quick hot dinner.|Add to any soups or stews.|Sprinkle on green salads or side salads (like pasta, chicken, tofu, potato).|Rub or sprinkle on meats (especially beef, veal, and pork), poultry, fish, or tofu before grilling, broiling, or baking.|Add to egg and cheese dishes.
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