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Bjorg Organic Agave Syrup

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Bjorg Organic Agave Syrup is a succulent plant native to Mexico. Called "honey water" by the Aztecs, agave syrup is appreciated for its softness and natural flavor. It is an unrefined sugar, which represents a real alternative to white sugar. The brand Bjorg is now leader of organic food products in supermarkets. Bjorg founded the concept of Bio-Nutrition, based on the careful selection of ingredients, the nutritional benefits of its products and the preservation of taste. With over 200 products present within organic grocery, Bjorg can compose daily organic menus for all tastes and needs.
More Information
Ingredients 100% Agave Syrup.
Storage & Disposal Store in a cool, dry place |
Nutritional Facts Per 100g: Energy;426 Kcal | Protein;Trace | Fat;Trace | Carbohydrates;106.1g | Fiber;101.6g | Salt;0.04g | Cholestrol;0mg
Usage & Instructions Have with your breakfast food of pancakes, waffles, french toast|
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