Sustained Success From Firm Foundations

For such a large and rapidly expanding organization, TSC is in fact a relatively young business. The Sultan Center of today has its origins in PSC Supply, a unit of The Petroleum Services Company, which was a major provider of hardware, tools, and supplies to the oil industry. PSC was founded in 1976 by Jamil Sultan, whose early dedication to quality, service, value, and respect for the individual provided the springboard for TSC’s subsequent growth and success. Not surprisingly, these elements still characterize the company’s culture today.

In 1981, with the launch of Kuwait’s first self-service store in Shuwaikh specializing in the supply of household hardware and do-it-yourself products, The Sultan Center was born.

First "One-Stop Shop"

The success of the self-service concept at Shuwaikh laid the foundation for TSC’s innovative “one-stop shop” format. The idea was new to the region and initially was met with considerable skepticism. But as interest and enthusiasm grew, TSC’s founder was convinced he had created an innovative shopping concept that would meet untapped consumer demand. He pressed on with a steady program of expansion that brought an exciting series of “firsts” for both TSC and the region.

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